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Quality, environment and social initiatives
Quality, environment and social initiatives

Environmental Education

Using Our Products and Technologies to Build “Biotope Ponds,” Supporting Environmental Education of Children in the Community

Mitsuboshi Belting is making use of its products and technologies to help local elementary schools in the city of Kobe, where its headquarters is located, create “biotope ponds.” We began this activity in 1996, the year after the Great Hanshin Earthquake, as a therapeutic effort targeting children affected by the disaster. Providing free of charge our waterproof rubber sheeting for civil engineering, employee volunteers have assisted in construction and provided technical direction to complete biotope ponds at more than 100 local elementary schools.

The ponds are currently being used as an environmental teaching aid, and the effort continues. These waterproof rubber sheets are typically used in civil engineering projects, but when covered with clay they can be used to emulate natural ponds and surrounded with greenery to attract dragonflies, as well as other insects and birds.

Mitsuboshi Belting plans to continue these activities in line with its corporate philosophy, “to give attentive consideration to both humanity and nature.”

  • Completed biotope pond at Mikage Elementary School (Kobe) Completed biotope pond at Mikage Elementary School (Kobe)
  • Constructing a waterproof sheet Constructing a waterproof sheet
  • Completed biotope pondCompleted biotope pond
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