Special V-belt for Agricultural Machinery / SUPER AG-X


By using newly developed cover fabric and V core rubber, the SUPER AG-X has rapidly improved wear and crack resistance and has a long life.

By using the newly developed cover fabric, wear and slip during times of heavy duty loads reduces the wear caused by friction of the pulley.

By using reinforced short fiber rubber, it can drastically reduce the shock from bending, suppressing the load on the cord.

Performance Comparison of SUPER AG-X

  • Wear Resistance

    SUPER AG-X has 1.3 times the wear resistance of the competitors’ product.

    Wear Resistance
  • Shock Resistance

    With the combination of high strength cord and high elasticity rubber we have 1.5 times the shock resistance of the competitors’ products.

    Shock Resistance
  • Durability

    Results of wear and shock resistance
    Have 1.6 times the durability of other companies.

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