Automotive Low Modulus Belt / Star Fit

Star Fit is a V-ribbed belt that interacts with a specific pulley which has no adjustment space.

Star Fit is a belt used in accessory drives which uses low modulus elasticity cord. It is unnecessary to install a tension pulley and bracket, which allows for reduction in engine space and to lower costs.

The pulley and bracket weight is about 1.5kg in light weight vehicles, which contributes to improved fuel consumption.

In addition, we suggest using the special tool designed for belt installation and replacement.

  • Star Fit Package
  • Star Fit
  • Special Tool

Benefits of Using Low Modulus Belt

  • By using the special tool, it can be attached between the fixed axis layout while stretching the belt. This lowers costs and reduces space which is achieved by getting rid of the tension pulley and bracket.
  • Can expect improve fuel efficiency due to the weight of the system.
  • Conventional Accessory Drive
  • Low Modulus Belt Use

Star Fit Installation Video

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