Quality, environment and social initiatives
Quality, environment and social initiatives

Initiatives for Reducing Environmental Impact

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact in Logistics

To reduce the environmental impact of transporting products, including the delivery of products, work in progress and secondary materials between production points, we are concentrating on enhancing transport efficiency and improving packaging materials. We will continue to consider and introduce measures for reducing CO2, NOx and other emissions from logistics.

Boosting Transport Efficiency

  • Increasing loading ratios during truck transport
  • Optimizing packaging efficiency by reviewing cardboard sizes
  • Increasing loading ratios by optimizing regular schedules to account for empty space on return trips
  • Reducing transportation losses
  • Reducing transport losses during shipment by reviewing product warehousing locations
  • Increasing direct shipping from production warehouses to customers, thereby decreasing losses in transportation between sites
  • By conducting milk runs of products, materials and work in progress between sites, increasing overall transportation efficiencies, including at affiliated companies

Improving Packaging

  • Reusing carton boxes
  • Adjusting and consolidating carton box types and reducing overall usage
  • Reviewing the materials used in carton boxes and changing to the use of materials with a high recycled paper content ratio

Other Initiatives

  • Rather than using aircraft to transport products requiring temperature-controlled environments, shifting to marine transport in temperature-controlled containers
  • Increasing the introduction of battery-powered forklifts, moving to smaller forklifts with internal combustion engines and shifting to the use of LPG
  • Requests to logistics outsourcing partners
  • Rationalize truck use by planning joint transportation and distribution
  • Adjust travel routes and travel stages
  • Select optimal vehicle sizes
  • Improve loading ratios
  • Conduct regular truck inspection and maintenance
  • Introduce hybrid trucks and stop engines when idle
  • Improve operational controls on eco-driving

Environmental Preservation Efforts at Offices

Energy-Saving Measures

Energy-Saving Measures

Mitsuboshi Belting is involving all employees in enhanced efforts targeting energy conservation. We encourage appropriate summer time (daylight saving time for working hours), Cool Biz (business casual policy for summer), ensure appropriate air conditioning and heating temperature settings, turn off lighting when unnecessary, promote the use of highly efficient power equipment and lighting, and engage in various other activities to conserve energy.

As one energy-saving measure at the Kobe Head Office, Kobe Plant R&D Center and other offices, we have installed “green curtains” with living plants outside office windows to provide shading from sunlight and prevent excessive temperature increases. We have also installed rooftop solar panels at our Kobe Plant R&D Center and Shikoku Plant, using this power for in-house consumption.

Consideration for Biodiversity

Consideration for Biodiversity

We have completed our refurbishment of the Kobe Plant R&D Center, which included the planting of a 2,000m2 green space on the southeast portion of the site.

In the interest of preserving biodiversity, we have planted 15 tree varieties on the site, including dogwood, bayberry and fragrant olive, and we have planted grassy areas to blend in with the scenery. The space doubles as a multipurpose area for improving employee health.

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