Quality, environment and social initiatives
Quality, environment and social initiatives

Basic Plan on the Environment

  1. Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. manufactures a lineup of rubber and plastic products that are highly functional and of high precision and quality. Our products include belts, resin products, automotive parts, construction materials and civil engineering sheets, as well as new products. Recognizing our close involvement with the environment, throughout all our businesses we strive to achieve harmony with the environment in our development of product and manufacturing technologies. At the same time, based on our corporate philosophy, “to give attentive consideration to both humanity and nature,” we undertake environmental preservation activities from a global perspective as we work to create a company that contributes to society.
  2. We work to accurately determine the environmental impact of our business activities and services at every stage, from inputs of materials and energy to development and design, manufacturing and sales. We make an ongoing effort to halt and prevent pollution and achieve ongoing improvements.
  3. In our efforts to provide green products, we ascertain the environmental impact of our products from resource acquisition through to manufacturing, use and disposal; avoid using harmful substances at the parts, materials and manufacturing stages; use recycled materials; and take recycling into consideration at the design and production stages.
  4. In addition to complying with environmental legislation and other requirements, we maintain natural environments at each office site. We are aware of our responsibilities as a member of the local community, and we strive to preserve regional environments.
  5. We have in place and are extending our environmental management system. We have set goals and targets for conserving resources and energy, reducing waste, promoting recycling and curtailing substances that have an environmental impact. We regularly review these objectives, and each of our employees does their utmost to contribute to ongoing efforts to improve our environmental activities.
  6. We maintain a Basic Plan on the Environment that we review and implement each fiscal year. Furthermore, we make certain all employees within our organization are fully aware of this Basic Plan on the Environment.
  7. We have also documented our Basic Plan on the Environment for external consumption, and we make it available to members of the general public.
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