Quality, environment and social initiatives
Quality, environment and social initiatives

Green Procurement

Green Procurement Policy

  • We procure items that have been produced in factories that work toward environmental conservation.
  • We procure raw materials, parts and products that have low environmental impact.
  • We do not use conflict minerals.

Formulation of a Statement on Green Procurement

In addition to quality, price and delivery period, when procuring raw materials, parts and products the Mitsuboshi Belting Group conducts overall assessments that include such factors as environmental impact and environmental conservation initiatives.

We formulated our Statement on Green Procurement in March 2005. Since that time, we have updated the statement seven times to reflect new legislative trends. The most recent version was updated in August 2013. This statement identifies 176 substances for which use is prohibited and 95 managed substances, and we determine the use of and manage hazardous materials in accordance with our internal assessment standards.

Supply Chain Management

Based on our Statement on Green Procurement, before procuring raw materials we conduct studies related to the use of materials having an environmental impact. Once we have confirmed that such substances are not included, we obtain a Certification of Non-Inclusion before formally commencing procurement.

We also make regular visits to our business partners’ premises to audit their status of chemical substance management. Through this ongoing oversight, we ensure that substances having an environmental impact do not enter the Mitsuboshi Belting Group. In fiscal 2013, we made such visits to 17 companies. We also planned diagnoses at 18 companies in fiscal 2014 in our ongoing promotion of supply chain management.

Evaluation of Chemical Substances

Evaluation of Chemical Substances

Introduction of Chemical Analysis Equipment

The Company has introduced chemical analysis equipment, including an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence analyzer and mercury analyzer, which it uses to perform its own analysis on the inclusion of substances for which use is prohibited.

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