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Water Filters

Water Filters

Ranging from thin to thick, our purification filters are available in a variety of sizes and offer superior high flow rates, multi-substance removal and superior filtering performance. The greatest feature is their superior workability, enabling a variety of shapes including curved forms. Rest assured, there is a Mitsuboshi Belting purification filter for any type of faucet.

Water Filters


  • High flow rates with no water pressure
  • Curved shapes available
  • Outer diameters from as thin as 22mm to as thick as 80mm
  • Active carbon layer thickness of 26.5mm achieved


OD: Outer diameter, ID: Inner diameter

For pot (pitcher) molds 50mm OD x 33mm ID x 69mm height
For integrated water-tap molds (1) 25.5mm OD x 7.7mm ID x 126mm height
For integrated water-tap molds (2) 22mm OD x 7mm ID x 108mm height
For non-portable molds 80mm OD x 27mm ID x 139.3mm height
(active carbon layer thickness: 26.5mm)
  • Pot (pitcher) moldsPot (pitcher) molds
  • Integrated water-tap moldIntegrated water-tap mold
  • Non-portable moldNon-portable mold
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