Functional products
Functional products

Carbon Filters

Achieving ever higher functionality with molded active carbon (carbon blocks) developed by Mitsuboshi Belting.

Molded Active Carbon (Carbon Blocks)

Active carbon (powder form, fiber form, etc.) molded into to carbon block filters. Based on technologies accumulated developing resin materials, Mitsuboshi Belting carbon blocks are manufactured utilizing an original in-house technique in which a special binder is used to form the blocks.

Molded Active Carbon (Carbon Blocks)


A high flow rate has been secured by improving the special binder, and higher chlorine removal performance realized (Fig. 1). Our carbon blocks offer amazing workability, heat resistance, pressure resistance and dimensional accuracy thanks to properties unique to the special binder and our original manufacturing technique.

Fig. 1 - Residual chlorine removal performance before and after binder improvement.Fig. 1 - Residual chlorine removal performance before and after binder improvement.
Mitsuboshi BeltingCarbon blocks Performance Competitors' technique
Removal performance
Heat resistance
Pressure resistance
Dimensional accuracy
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