Functional products
Functional products

Injection-molded Worm Wheel

Mitsuboshi Belting has achieved a product thickness previously thought not possible using injection molding. Our Injection-molded Resin worm wheels can be used at high temperatures not capable of being supported by Cast Nylon products.

Worm Wheel (Injection-molded Resin)


Resolves quality problems for thick resin products previously not thought capable of being resolved using injection molding.

1. Improved heat resistance

As the result of utilizing heat-resistant resin, these worm wheels can be used in temperature ranges where Cast Nylon worm wheels cannot.

2. Improved design freedom

Utilizing integrated molding of resin and metal, design freedom has been improved and gear shaping (prior to rough gear cutting) has been realized.

3. High productivity

Mitsuboshi Belting's dedicated manufacturing line enables high productivity to be achieved.


OD: Outer diameter, ID: Inner diameter

Product example 104mm OD x 18mm ID x 16mm thick (resin layer)
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