Functional products
Functional products

Worm Wheel

Our worm wheel blanks contribute to weight and size reduction as gears and gear material in a wide range of fields.

Blanks are available in either Cast Nylon or Injection-molded Resin. The combination of resin and metal enable us to manufacture products that are lightweight yet rigid. As such, Mitsuboshi Belting’s worm wheel blanks are utilized in wide-ranging fields, particularly for automotive parts.

Worm Wheel Blanks

Manufactured as worm wheel blanks, the pre-gear cutting blank material is often used for worm wheels.

Worm Wheel Blanks


We offer products to suit diversified needs by leveraging Mitsuboshi Belting’s original mixing design, structural design, and manufacturing technique.

1. Mixing design

Through mixing and compounding, we can create original resins with grades not available in the commercial market.

2. Structural design

Using simulations and making prototypes, we carry out design value studies and enable the optimal shape to be obtained.

3. Manufacturing technique design

Optimal molding conditions can be obtained by selecting the Cast Nylon or Injection-molded Resin that best matches specifications.

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