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Corporate Governance

I. Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

The Company considers corporate governance one of its topmost management priorities for securing the trust of its shareholders and fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. Based on this understanding, from the perspective of management soundness and transparency the Company strives to enhance its management checking function and works to increase the speed of management decision-making.

II. Overview of the Corporate Governance System

The Company has in place a Board of Directors comprising nine members, of whom two are outside directors, and a Board of Corporate Auditors. This board has four members, of whom two are outside corporate auditors.

The Board of Directors meets monthly to make decisions on important items and supervise the execution of operations by directors.

The Company employs an executive officer system.

By separating the functions of management decision-making and supervision from operational execution, the Company aims to strengthen its operational execution structure and bolster management efficiency.

「Corporate Governanceに関する報告書」(2015年6月29日付) PDF(000KB)

Governance Structure

Governance Structure

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